My Name is rawan and it's so lovely to meet you. I am the creative designer behind Inkin Love. Right now- I am feeling like the luckiest person in the world! I'm based in Miami, Fl and serve clients all over the world. I live with my wonderful supportive husband of 2 years. I love assisting couples celebrate their love through small paper goods that excite their guests and set the tone for their wedding. After each production of the suite, I love hearing that you are in such       - this makes my heart skip a beat. Each invitation is unique to the couple and tells its own love story.

Almost 5 years ago now, I was introduced to art therapy. I've come to appreciate and apply techniques that i've learned over the years, which allowed me to embrace and immerse myself into my product and business alike. Shortly After marrying my bestfriend in September 2018, I finally realized that i was in a place where i needed to put my family and my dreams first. 

a little bit about

Rawan Habib

I wanted to act on what I love and build a brand through the creativity that I create and bring joy to others. I wanted to wake up in the mornings and be excited for whats head. After transferring one of our bedrooms into my new office, the rest was history! 

My passion for wedding started as i got engaged to my husband. When it came down to my wedding, i truly had it all visioned out. At that moment, I started to personalize my wedding with my own touch. I refused to hire a planner because i am a master of organization and details. all i could think about was being with my soulmate for the rest of my life and did not want it any shorter than perfect! My journey as a creative business owner is just the beginning. My biggest hope is that this labor of love will in some way bring you just a fraction of the joy it brings to me.